Cable Sheath Fault Locator Axxis S5000

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Cable sheath fault location system.


product code : BIS5000

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Still the most powerful device for finding cable sheath faults as it has been for many years. A well proven design indeed.


The S5000 AXXIS sheath fault location system diagnoses and pinpoints potential trouble spots accurately and easily.

AXXIS provides the cable installation contractor with the facility to test the cable oversheath before the completion of all electrical connections. If necessary, AXXIS is also able to find the location of any oversheath damage, which may then be repaired before corrosion can start.

Capable of generating up to 12 KV (negative) d.c., the voltage is continuously variable from zero upwards. Being fully metered, the operator can immediately detect the passage of current, indicating the presence of a fault. In the event of a fault detection, the receiver is used in conjunction with the transmitter, which is switched over to a pulse mode, sending coded output signals with timings. This will be a current pulse, normally of amplitude 100mA. The unit is however, capable of generating up to 500mA. AXXIS uses the Pool of Potential (POPIE) method to locate fault positions. On longer lengths of cable, by applying a magnetometer before using the probes, the fault is narrowed down to within 30 meters, without the need for connections or loops at the far end of the cable from the transmitter.


The AXXIS system is flexible and sensitive enough to enable faults to be located with a current as low as 10mA, which does not cause damage.

The S271T Transmitter is used in the continuous (DC) mode to test the sheath. If the sheath fails to hold the specified voltage, the pulsed output is used to locate the fault. The current leakage at the fault position sets up Pools of Potential which the S271R Receiver and S271P Probes utilise to pinpoint the fault.


The S271R Receiver can be synchronised with the S271T Transmitter and will produce an audible signal in synchronisation with the pulsed current being applied to the cable sheath for use in electrically noisy situations.

On long lengths of cable, fault prelocation can be necessary and this is done using the S271M Magnetometer. This detects the magnetic field created by the current flowing in the sheath. At the fault position this magnetic field will either disappear or reduce substantially, thus indicating the area in which the S271P Probes should be used.


The S5000 AXXIS sheath fault location system comprises the industry standard S271T Transmitter supported by the high specification S271R Receiver which displays the signals from the S271M Magnetometer for prelocation, or the S271P Probes for pinpointing the sheath fault.

All S5000 AXXIS system components comply with the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the Transitional Arrangements of the Amendment to the Low Voltage Directive 93/68/EEC and are manufactured under the rigours of ISO 9001.

Comprehensive training and support services available.


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