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Order Code : RSKHVA34

The HVA34 is a higher output version of the HVA30 it replaces. Well proven workhorse and STILL more advanced than most other sets around.


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Order Code : RSKHVA68-2

The single piece HVA68-2 is a special high power version of the HVA60 for use on very long/large cables with high capacitance.



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Order Code : RSKHVA60

60kV DC, 44kV rms AC model. Best in class one piece robust portable HV test set.  Automated test sequences, oscilloscope display of vlf wave. This product an industry standard.


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The PD30E / PD60-2 / PD90-2 are new for 2013 systems that work in conjunction with the HVA series units.

They are used for :

partial discharge detection

partial discharge phase angle measurement

partial discharge mapping

partial discharge fault location

PD30E / PD60-2/PD90-2

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The TD30/60/90/120 are versatile Tan Delta measuring systems that

are directly connected to the matching HVA units with matching voltages.

The TD series provides the testing and commissioning engineer

with a versatile high voltage tan delta measuring system suitable

for testing cables : XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC

and other electrical equipment : capacitors, switchgear, transformers

and rotating machines at VLF AC.

TD30 / TD60 /TD90/TD120

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Portable Breakdown Analyzers

for Oil Testing

Lightest of their type starting at 22kg

Ultra bright oled colour display

Internal battery, external 12V supply and mains powered

Ultra fast switch off time (<5us)

Direct measurement of output voltage

Measurement of silicone oils

Bluetooth connection

USB flash drive

Intuitive control concept



Price: TBA

Order Code : RSKHVA90

90kV DC, 64kV rms AC vlf. 10 uF capability gives this set awesome power for its size and weight. Best in the world at present— except for HVA94¬!



























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Price: TBA

Order Code : RSKHVA94

90kV DC, 66kV rms AC top of the range unit. 10 uF capability gives this set awesome power for its size and weight. Full 1.732 Uo test for 66kV networks in a “small” transportable test set!


Price: TBA

Order Code : RSKHVA28/TD

The HVA28 is certainly the most advanced high voltage VLF (Very Low Frequency) test system available; it is also the lightest, most compact instrument of its type on the market. Standard or TD versions available.