* New Products *

PM7000 Fault Level Monitor


The class leading PM7000 now has a new (optional) unique feature—it can record the electrical network fault level!


Validate calculated fault level models.


Get values for un-modelled locations.


Enable accurate assessment of the impact of harmonic emissions for Engineering Recommendations such as G5/4 and G59/2.

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HVA200—132kV VLF testing with PD/TD


Now the proven withstand test method for modern cables is available for 66/110/132 kV cables.


Portable system, or trailer mounted.


Full true sine wave withstand test with PD mapping and Tan Delta as well.



HVA45 and HVA45TD


The genius design of the HVA28 now scaled up to give more voltage and power, but still in a small Peli case based package.


Built in TD version offers unrivalled utility for 11kV/20kV cables and basic testing on 33kV! (approx 1.7Uo).


As always B2 lead the way.