Power Quality Analyser PM3000

Product Summary


The PM3000


product codes : ORPM3000, ORPM3000B, ORPM3000HF, ORPM3000HFB

Price: TBA



* Patented Single Cycle Adaptive Storage recording process, provides extremely high resolution, down to a single cycle

over long recording periods.


* Eleven pre-stored configurations are set for 3 phase, 2 phase, and single phase hook-ups, with several math channels pre-configured for Power and Harmonic measurements.


* Graphical “Touch Screen” interface, provides straightforward, user-friendly operation.


* Fused voltage leads and internally fused voltage inputs protect expensive equipment.


* Flexible Rogowski coil current probes included, also works with standard ct types


* Communications via RS232 or WIRELESS via Bluetooth (B versions only)


* Resident on-line “HELP“, guides users through configuration and hook-up.


* Capable of storing up to 127 set-up or data files.


* Records and displays up to 16 channels of Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, VAR’s, Phase Angle, Frequency, Total Voltage Harmonics, Total Current Harmonics and much more.


* Records and displays up to 16 individual harmonics (voltage or current), HF version only.


* Records and displays three phase Flicker to EN61000-4-15, HF version only.


* Phasor Diagram Display, to ensure correct hook-up.


* Built in connection Wizard, ensures correct hook-up, provides suggestions upon detecting errors and determines if current sensor is properly orientated.


* Data Storage includes an additional internal flash memory for field programmable upgrades.


* Rugged, compact, portable case is lockable.


* Powered independently by AC measurement circuits or DC power supply for voltages below 80 Volts.


* Safety Benefit: Very small size, will fit in most panels and allow the door to be closed.


* The standard PM3000 is upgradeable to the PM3000HF and Bluetooth is also available as an upgrade. Please contact us for details.


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