PRONTO for Windows Software

Product Summary




product code : Pronto for Windows

Price: TBA

Pronto for Windows is a full featured  program designed to extract

data from the PM1000/PM3000/PM6000 and Ranger family of data and power loggers and present it graphically for analysis.



* Download data by modem from multiple computers

* Download data while running other applications

* Multiple downloads from the same site

* Can be appended to the same file

* Addressable RS485 communications locally or remotely by modem

* Configure projects for storing data

(projects can contain multiple sessions and data can be pulled from multiple data loggers)

* Create views to display and print data in any form

* Comprehensive, context sensitive, on line help system

* Flexible zooming capabilities

* Icons facilitate access to frequently used functions

* Insert text and objects anywhere on the view

* Cut and paste to and from the clipboard

* Create exceedence reports with a single keystroke



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