Digital Ammeter RSK2000PA

Product Summary


RSK2000PA 1999 amp ammeter


product code : RSK2000PA

Price: TBA

The RSK2000PA is a 0-1999A True rms current meter.

The unit displays either the live current or the stored peak current value

since the last meter reset, using an ultra thin Rogowski current sensor.




* Better than +/- 1% accuracy measuring distorted and harmonic rich current waveforms

* Uses a highly flexible, ultra thin Rogowski current sensor

* Double insulated probe and lead for maximum safety margin

* The Probe will wrap around a maximum of 135mm diameter cable, with a 2.4m connecting lead, probe thickness


* Rated for a maximum of 600 volt circuits — suitable for use in single phase and three phase circuit applications *

* High resolution (0-1999A True rms), reliable zero and accurate low current performance

* Response time (time taken to reflect 100% of input signal) of 1 second

* Non-volatile eeprom storage of the Peak True rms current value

* Uses three high capacity NiMh AA cells for optimal battery life (>180hrs)

* Intelligent NiMh charger supplied, with discharge mode

* Large backlit LCD display


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