TDR Cable Fault Locator T631 - (discontinued)

Product Summary


A high specification cable fault locator is the ultimate cable test tool for CATV, CCTV, Telecomms and LV Mains Distribution Cabling.


product code : BIT631

Price: TBA





Faults and high reflective features are evaluated by a unique Return Loss Measurement function which also provides a useful test method for contractors to demonstrate that connectors, taps and other cable work meet International Standards. Pulsewidths can be selected automatically for easy fault location, or manually for uniform Return Loss Measurement. At 3m, it combines the shortest distance with a highly practical 12km long range.

The T631 gives the ultimate short range performance on LV Mains Distribution cabling. Its overall range makes it suitable for all LV Mains and Service cabling, and even for dead HV cabling.

The T631F is a dedicated LV Mains Blocking Filter, giving protection and live operation up to 600V.

The T631 will also locate corroded concentric neutrals. A total of 13 operating ranges with zoom facility includes very short pulse widths to identify cable features that are close together or nearby. These can be measured using the twin cursors. Genuine 2nS sine-squared pulse gives ultimate fault resolution.

PC compatibility, using X600 TRACEability Software system, allows waveforms to be downloaded to PC, re-displayed and analysed, and even downloaded back to the T631 for later on-site "before and after" event comparison.

Automatic fault finding is a simple touch-button operation enhanced by high resolution display. Dedicated function keys, Help Menu and clear display make the T631 easy to use. Robust construction. Comprehensive training and support services available.


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