Power Quality Analyser PM1000

Product Summary


The PM1000


product codes : ORPM1000, PM1000B

Price: TBA


* Authoritative Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15.

* Patented Single Cycle Adaptive Storage : Recording process provides extremely high resolution down to a single cycle

over long recording periods.

* Simple 3 LED user interface.

* “PMScreen” Control : A real time, virtual screen program on the PC, is used to set up the logger and for real time review of


* Fully automatic operation on site – minimal operator knowledge/skill required

* Records up to 16 channels of Voltage, Current, Flicker, Power, Power Factor, VAR’s, Phase Angle, Frequency and


* Compact and light, the logger is robust and comes with a protective sleeve and carrying bag.


Each Kit Includes

PM1000 Power Quality, Harmonic and Flicker Analyser

Infra Red Serial Download Cable

Mains Input Cable

Protective Boot

Carrying Bag

Operation Manual

Pronto for Windows Analysis Software



610mm 1000 Amp Flexible Current Clamps (max. conductor size 200mm)

Fused “cut-out connection” fused lead kit for Electricity Power Distribution Company use.


View/Print Datasheet


The PM1000 is a true revolution in the world of single-phase power quality management. Often when there is a problem with a supply you need more than one test to identify it. NOT ANY MORE! At the FIRST ATTEMPT the PM1000 can eliminate the following

problems from your enquiries:


Voltage outside limits? - PM1000 gives you high speed chart type data on the voltage supply (down to 1 cycle resolution!),

and 10 minute RMS values as per EN50160, using class leading Pronto for Windows software (included).

Flicker problem? - PM1000 records long term/short term and instant levels for this difficult to measure signal to EN6100-4-15.

Harmonics problem? - PM1000 records the total level of them in both the voltage and current signals.

Neutral problem? - PM1000 records both L-N, N-E voltages simultaneously.

A PM1000 confirms if there is a problem with the supply at the first pass. The massive processing of this small device is only

matched by its simplicity of use. Just plug it in and it will start and stop all on its own. Downloading could not be easier - you are

just a few clicks away from knowing all you need to about the supply in question. No more guesswork – just reliable repeatable

standards based results every time.

Note: (PM1000 Displays are viewed on PC or PDA via PmScreen program)

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